[insert intelligent catchphrase here]

Okay then. I am Sox. You may also call me Robynne, if you'd like, as that is my name... but Sox works just as well. I live in Ontario, Canada, under an hour away from Toronto. Which is nice, because I'm kinda in the country-ish, but close enough to everything that I only need to drive twenty minutes in any direction to find anything I could possibly want.

Yes, I am a Canadian. No, I don't say eh all the time, though I have been known to use it on occasion. Probably only like... once every few months.

I do like to play ice hockey though. ^^" A lot.

I'm a goalie. So that means that one of my favourite things in the world is standing in about 50 + lbs of equiptment, in front of a heavy rubber disk hurtling at me at 30-80 mph, depeding on the shooter.

I'm a 16 year old tomboy, but I'm growing out of it a bit. I used to be really hardcore from about 12-15, but I've come to the point of my first crush in life. (Norreh/Jack Davenport)
As a tomboy, I usually wear baggy clothing. Baggy pants/shorts. Baggy t-shirt. I own one non-baggy t-shirt.

I love Norrington. He rocks my socks, and your socks, and his own socks. And he has a cravat. -ish obsessed with clothing from the late 1700s-early 1900s-

I hate shopping. I dislike pink. I like action movies. I occasionally avert my eyes at kissing... if it lasts too long. I love fedoras. I own one. I wear it all the time.

I like to roleplay, write fanfiction ( and original fiction when it strikes my fancy to do so), photoshop,draw, play hockey, and other stuff like that.

I'm random, crazy, sarcastic on occasion, and have a tendency to scare people. -insert ebil laughter here-

Ohyeah, I love musicals.
I've seen Phantom of the Opera (twice in Toronto, in June... and ONCE I GOT THEIR AUTOGRAPHS and bombarded the guy who played Erik with questions), seen Les Miserables once, and WICKED once in Chicago. No autographs then, but I did sit in the second row from the front. ^^" I waved to all the people, and Fiyero waved back. Hurrah for me.